repacking and second-guessing

December 22nd, 2008

Two hours to go, in the middle of repacking a bag which I now know is too small…so I’ll write instead listening to “To Ohio” by The Low Anthem…perfect melancholy, reflective mid-December lo-fi folk…pass the valium! So off to Heathrow in a couple of hours for the “trip” to New Zealand and Sean & Faith in Nelson (South Island), I cannot wait, I just need to convince my stomach that this is my over-riding sensation and not abject terror of the unknown. Should be okay, yeah? Wanna come too? No room in the bag. Oh, well…haven’t felt this weird since 1997 pre-Valencia or 1992 pre-Tennessee, at least it’s a familiar feeling now, I’m just older and more easily unsettled by change, I guess!

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