lizard of Oz

January 22nd, 2009

Just left J a message from where he used to live and gonna try to find P’s Candy’s for a coffee and maybe a Potato Kumala. Manly is Aussie Summer Funtastic! Really cloudy but also really warm – the thirty minute ferry ride is hard to beat past the Opera House and Bridge. Walked through the Botanical Gardens this morning – fruitbats in the trees, trees singing with cicadas, really incredible.

Met M from Porto, Portugal yesterday randonly on the bridge looking over the Opera House – she took my picture, we walked over the bridge to take shots of the Opera House (shit sound for opera, apparently) through the railings – it started to rain, we ate a terrible pizza in the Rocks, then it thundered and we met A from Netherlands (who M had met on Manly Beach in the morning) – we tried to go up to the revolving restaurant but were wearing shorts :(, so went for some drinks ar Bar 333 on George Street and then took photos of an installation down a side street, then wandered aroung Queen Victoria Building while construction went on around us. A beautiful tower in daylight, yellows, greens and pinks. Monica loves pink-shirted men – all shops closed! A has nearly finished writing a book.

The previous night I went to see Black Kids at the Gaelic in Surrey Hills and met T from Chester, who told me some good information when travelling in Oz over a beer after the gig. Also booked my 3 day “safari” in the Outback starting tomorrow morning with a flight to Alice Springs! Meeting Monica in Hyde Park at two thirty in the afternoon…


Feel very emotional, like this is the end of a journey – can almost feel P’s presence – it’s dark, off a main street, opposite tennis courts and bus stops. Big bookcase filled with tomes halfway down on the right. Have ordered scramblers on toast and a cappuccino with a double shot in honour of P. Just ewlise I write as if P is reading this and always have done.

Am at third table back on the left facing the street. Grest psychology discussion going on at next tables between two social workers it seems with a day patient (Down’s?) silent in a Ramones Tshirt between them.

Thinking about the plot of A’s novel she told us last night. Part of her story involves staying at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Sydney which A did on a one-night stand six years ago – before she was married or had met her husband, good secret. I only lied about being married – which is strictly true – well, for the record and changing the subject: low calibre eggs on toast but the coffee should sort me out, still can’t stop sweating though! I like the Manly vibe – laidback, J & P had the right idea pitching up here for a while. Oh forgot – M thought I was 28 πŸ™‚ and A politely said 30 or 31, I think πŸ™‚ If I get a beard trim st Sam & Dave’s in a minute, I might look 20! Best pay up and fuck off back to the dull ferry back into Sydney, eh? This is s right bind, I can tell you! 1pm Thursday…beats working.

Addendum: got my beard trim from Vince, proper barber from Milano.

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