live from big sur

February 19th, 2009

“It’s been a while, eh? I’ve been to Australia back to New Zealand’s North Island and up the Pacific Coast of the US since the last time! I’m knackered. But happy.

For the book geeks, I’m writing this from the Henry Miller Library (a log cabin) in Big Sur, California – about 150 miles south of San Francisco…so I’m very happy πŸ™‚ – look, that proves it!

I’m driving up to San Francisco to see family and go snowboarding, but it’s been a bit of a shock to return to wintry conditions after the
humidity and heat of Oz and NZ the past month…

I escaped the fires and floods in Australia by a few weeks, then got the heat in Auckland and north of there! Had a wonderful time, thanks Suzanne, thanks Steven, Lynfa and Milly, thanks random travellers met along the way…the human spirit is alive and well out here, I’m happy to report from my end at least!

Having decided to say “yes” more – try “Yes Man” (the book by Danny Wallace not the film starring Jim Carrey) – and see if it makes any
difference…thanks for that one, Ted πŸ˜‰ – I’ve jumped off a high (at LEAST 20 feet!) bridge into water, jet-skied, fished, jumped off a boat,
been in a helicopter over the outback, “sailed” a boat and driven a red Ford Mustang up the Pacific Coast – cliche-tastic.

So now, warming my English a$$ next to a wood-burning stove in this wonderful place, I’m thinking back to all those great experiences and ahead to the last 3 weeks in the States…

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