les sealy and the case of the world’s biggest burrito

January 3rd, 2009

A week in new zealand’s south island and the nelson area – where to begin? Les Sealy, the stinking seal sunbathing around mine and Sean’s sea kayak? Maybe…the world’s biggest burrito from “Go Mexico” in Nelson? Could be…green-lipped mussels at Picton Ferry watching the Interislander ferries leave for Wellington on my birthday? possibly…

All this and the hospitality of Sean & Faith (plus Sean’s folks) and the news that Stephen Fry spent New Year in NZ(!) has made it a right flamin’ cliché, eh? I’ve got tanned, insect-bitten limbs, and am on the obligatory antibiotics after a stealth attack while playing golf yesterday. Only 72 over par, not bad for my first go?! Even playing sport is hampered by the views, how’s a guy supposed to birdie the 10th when there’s a Tui hooting away in the trees (beautiful) and the stream chuckles on it’s course down from the surrounding valley-sides (more beautiful)?

So far the friendliness has been amazing, nothing is too much trouble, everyone seems to have an extra 24 hours in their day to spend chatting, relaxing, generally leisuring it up all over the place – a good way to be – except when 2,000 pissed up Kiwis (and us) are waiting to see 3 of NZ’s biggest bands play in a “room behind a pub” and the portaloos haven’t turned up yet! No flamin’ worries, it’ll be “sweet as, bru” cos we’ll just start later, keep the bars open and let everyone get properly leathered – late licenses? Who cares? The Riwaka Hotel is in the middle of acres of orchards with no one around anyway: yes, a good night.

I heartily recommend spending your 37th birthday with Sean & Faith as you get scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast on the balcony, a drive on the Queen Charlotte route through mountains and amazing bays, a rack of ribs for your tea and a day sea-kayaking around the Abel Tasman National Park the next day – check ahead for bookings!

<p>So tomorrow morning, good and early, we’re off on tour for a week of South Island joy in the shape of glaciers, BIG mountains, white water, Queenstown, bungee jumping even! Will report back, hanks to all for xmas, birthday and new year messages, please comment away should the mood take you!

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